1. Core textbook for Semester 1 1 item
    This is the main book for Semester 1. You will not be assigned readings from it every week, but it is a good book to read through and then put on your shelf for safe keeping. That is because it has advice about many different academic skills, making it useful not only for this course but your whole time at UNNC.
    1. How to improve your critical thinking & reflective skills - Kathleen McMillan, Jonathan D. B. Weyers c2013

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase

  2. Core textbook for Semester 2 1 item
    Again, you will not be assigned readings fromthis book every week, but it is a good introduction to argumentation, which is one of the most important skills in our academic lives. Get it, read it, then keep it for reference.
    1. How to argue - Alastair Bonnett 2011

      Book Recommended

  3. Other suggested resources 9 items
    These books all offer good advice about English studies and/or academic skills. You will be given suggested readings from some of them.
    1. Cite them right: The essential referencing guide - Richard Pears, Graham Shields

      Book Recommended Section F (pp. 91-108) provides a basic introduction to the APA referencing style.

    2. Publication manual of the American Psychological Association - American Psychological Association (APA) 2010

      Book Recommended This is the definitive guide to APA Style. It tells you how to cite and reference almost anything you will ever come across (Chapters 6 and 7). Moreover, it gives lots of advice about how to do other aspects of writing: when to cite, quoting and paraphrasing, creating reference lists (Chapter 6); writing clearly and concisely (Chapter 3); punctuation, spelling, using abbreviations, and citing statistics (Chapter 4); and displaying results as tables and figures (Chapter 5).

    3. Writing essays in English language and linguistics - Neil Murray 2012

      Book Recommended This is another very useful book. It is written more for native speakers but that might make it really useful for those who will be spending time in the UK or at other universities.

    4. How to write essays & assignments - Kathleen McMillan, Jonathan D. B. Weyers, MyiLibrary 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Alternative Don't buy this--it is similar to the textbook for Semester 1--but it does have some extra information about writing that you might find useful.

    5. So, where's your thesis? - Derek Irwin, Viktoria Jovanovic-Krstic, Robert Bruce Watson 2012], c2013

      Book Alternative LOOK! DEREK WROTE IT!

    6. Doing a research project in English studies: A guide for students - Louisa Buckingham 2016

      Book Recommended I love this book. It is clearly written and gives excellent advice about writing the kinds of mini projects that you are given in the School of English.

    7. Academic writing: A handbook for international students - Stephen Bailey

      Book Recommended Student: "Ahhh!!!! My lecturer said I keep making grammar mistakes. What should I do?" Amy: "Find out what kind of mistakes you are making and do the exercises in this book to help you learn how to fix them!" There is also good advice about structuring essays and so on.

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